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MAX17120 三通道高压扫描驱动器,用于TFT LCD

  MAX17120 三通道高压扫描驱动器,用于TFT LCD
  The MAX17120 includes three high-voltage level-shifting scan drivers for TFT panel integrated gate logic. Each scan driver has two channels that switch complementarily. The scan-driver outputs swing from +40V to -30V and can swiftly drive capacitive loads. To save power, the scan-driver's complementary outputs share the charge of their capacitive load before they change states.
  The MAX17120 is available in a 32-pin, 5mm x 5mm, thin QFN package with a maximum thickness of 0.8mm for ultra-thin LCD panels.
  +40V to -30V Output Swing Range
  Fast Slew Rate for High Capacitive Load
  Load Charge Sharing for Power Saving
  32-Pin, 5mm x 5mm, Thin QFN Package

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